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My girlfriend is a week late on her period

I have a feeling it changed because she is sexually aroused just about all the time, as opposed to before.

Could my girlfriend be pregnant if she missed her period

Use this information to keep track of when your period is late so you can report back to your doctor with any concerns.

9 reasons your period is late (if you're not pregnant)

But another thing is she is on and off of birth control, could that be why she is having irregular periods, or is there a chance she could be pregnant? thin the uterine lining to prevent the fertilized egg from implanting Most birth control pills come in packages containing 28 pills each.

15 days late for my period. Am I pregnant?

Rather, research has actually tied cravings to having a monotonous diet — so you're craving pizza not because your body needs a heaping helping of Vitamin Melted Cheese, but because you've grown sick of your sad desk salad.

Periods 2 weeks too late! Could my GF be pregnant?

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Why Is My Period Late?

But sometimes our bodies get the better of us, and we behave like an [insert female stereotype here].

Could my girlfriend be pregnant if she missed her period

But if you've actually had unsafe sex, have been experiencing any of these symptoms for a prolonged period of time, or otherwise have reason to believe you might actually be pregnant, please, please, please take an actual pregnancy test.

Periods 2 weeks too late! Could my GF be pregnant?

its just sometimes my lower back is hurting.

My girlfriend is over a week late for her period. Took an over the counter pregnancy test that came back positive. Went to the doctors to get blood work and that came back negative. What could be going on? : self

What other reasons could be the cause of a late period, is stress a factor? has moments when they exhibit this kind of behavior, whether or not they are influenced by a period.

my girlfriend is late on her period!!

Hi im 22, I had always my period regular until last month I did not have one.