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Jesus Christ bombshell: Shroud of Turin hoax ruled out

The Shroud of Turin remains one of the most revered relics, despite naysayers and studies questioning its legitimacy.

Jesus Christ bombshell: Shroud of Turin hoax ruled out

Shroud of Turin VP8 3D image NASA's VP8 Turin Shroud 3D image In 1976, American Physicist John Jackson with colleagues Eric Jumper and Bill Mottern, who were researchers with the famous Los Alamos National Laboratory in USA America's leading laboratory credited with doing research, design and building the first Nuclear bomb scanned a Shroud photograph on a VP-8 digital image analyzer.

What is The Shroud of Turin? Jesus' Face, History & Mystery Explained

The Greek Archbishop, the Roman Catholic Archbishop, the Episcopal Bishop and the Presiding Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church gathered before the world's first full size, backlit transparency of the Shroud and joined clergy representing the Assemblies of God, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists and Presbyterians in an amazing witness to ecumenical unity.

Jesus Christ bombshell: Shroud of Turin hoax ruled out

This was the first time a photograph was ever taken of the Shroud of Turin.

The Real Face of Jesus (TV Episode 2010)

Also in 1978, independently from the STURP research, Giovanni Tamburelli obtained at a 3D-elaboration from the Shroud with higher resolution than Jumper and Mottern.

The Shroud of Turin: Jesus' Bloodstained Burial Cloth or a Fascinating Forgery?

, as described in the , which was at just that time translated from Arabic to Latin—were sufficient to produce primitive photographs, and that people familiar with these techniques would have been able to produce an image as found on the shroud.

Jesus Christ bombshell: Shroud of Turin hoax ruled out

stated in 1998 that: "Since it is not a matter of faith, the Church has no specific competence to pronounce on these questions.

The Face of Jesus; From the “Heaven is For Real” painting by Akiane Kramarik, to the Shroud of Turin 3

No wrinkles or other irregularities distort the image, which is improbable if the cloth had covered the irregular form of a body.

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We know from the Gospels that Joseph of Aramithea was a rich man and bought the linens that Jesus was laid in.