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"But I guess I am because I have the sudden urge to punch the little shit in the face right about now.

Top 43 My Man Is Hot Quotes & Sayings

You used to lead my pony, when I was little.

Top 43 My Man Is Hot Quotes & Sayings

As long as the sun shines my love for you will never fade.

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— Jennifer Loren Our children will be born of our actions.

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There is nothing wrong with a man being so beautiful, in fact it is one of the things I love about him, how he is beautiful inside and out.

Boyfriend Quotes

How did i get so lucky.

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— Eugene O'Neill For all of the creeds are false, and all of the creeds are true; And low at the shrines where my brothers bow, there will I bow too; For no form of a god, and no fashion Man has made in his desperate passion, But is worthy some worship of mine; Not too hot with a gross belief, Nor yet too cold with pride, I will bow me down where my brothers bow, Humble, but open eyed.

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All I know is that he is a total a catch and I caught him! 30 Deep down in my heart I know that I can trust you blindly.

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Once you know this is true, that the heart of man, his body and his brain, are forged in a white-hot furnace for the purpose of conflict the struggle of creation and that with the conflict removed, man is a sword cutting daisies, that not privation but luxury is the wolf at the door and that the fangs of this wolf are all little vanities and conceits and laxities that Success is heir to - why, then with this knowledge you are at least in a position to know where danger lies.