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Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings 17• Naruto keeps fucking her fat ass and even smacking it.

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And they'll love this filthy assfucking hump over and over.

Uzumaki Kushina/Uzumaki Naruto

" Hana is shocked her mother is pregnant "W-What happened mom? A few minutes Kushina is tied up by rope and keeps getting fucked but in the ass, as Kushina has a gag in her mouth as Naruto fucking her roughy and hard, Hinata also has a gag as she just wants Naruto's cock as there's a vibrator moving in her pussy while Naruto smirks at that as he fucks his mother's ass more.


Pocket Monsters Pokemon - All Media Types 2• " with her ass jigging as it hits against Naruto who moving his hips as he fucking Kushina's pussy with him saying "Oh yes I have wanted to fuck this pussy for a long time! Kushina is moaning as the girls are going to town on her as their fuck more and more.


Show only crossovers Completion Status• " said Kushina as Naruto chuckles at that as he says "hell no, all their muscles are all-natural, no, what I enhance on would be my cock" Kushina's eyes widen in fear as she too scared to look down as Naruto says "now then, how about we get into bonding time" with a smirk as Kushian says "by that you mean sex?! The Jutsu allows Kushina to gain penis so she can impregnate Tsunade.

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Kushina moaning loudly as she never went through something like this before as Hitomi thrusts the fake cock in Kushina while Mikoto bucking her hips as her ass hits against Kushina's ass.

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hold on a minute what are you sitting on? " Naruto asks "So is she like you busty and a sexy ass? Naruto smirks as he fucks Hinata more as the two at it like animals in heat.


" and the lights turn and Tsume says "so, tell me why you have me here as I come back from a mission? Mikoto asks "so when will you give her what she wants? Comments: Kudos: Bookmarks: Hits: 2578• Truly this hentai parody is a animation, not a game, thus you will have the ability to ease off and just adore this rather extreme action for so lengthy as you want.

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In this shameless porno, Naruto's going to be breeding a lot of hot, busty older women and turning them into perfect sluts just for him.

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As a woman running down the hallway of the house, this woman has long red hair as she has a very curvy figure with gigantic breasts of double K, long legs which have very thick thighs, a fat plump ass.